Hannibal Twin-Ninja: 1990 Toyota MR2

Fate took me through a whirlwind of emotions with this next ride. First, I was excited to see that not only did the seller have a sweeeeeet fender flared MR2, but also a long wheelbase Duggar van, a motorcycle powered 3-wheel Smart Car, and a shortened cab-less vintage pickup (probably also motorcycle powered). However, the really strange part in my journey happened when I opened the other photos of the StarWars styled MR2. Find this 1990 Toyota MR2 Twin-Ninja offered for $5000 in Roundup, MT via metaface bookingmart. Tip from Powershouse.

Inspecting the engine bay, I found no engine. Just some sketchy welded pieces of metal, wiring, and some half shaft looking things.

Wait. Why do those half shaft looking things have what appear to be bike brakes/clutches on them with rods actu–wait. Those are motorcycle handlebars. That’s two cable actuated clutches attached to a single rod, this thing has two separate motorcycle chassis attached under those giant flares. TWIN MOTORCYCLE POWERED DEMONSTRATION OF DOMINANCE!!! Someone needs to take this to the nearest 24 Hrs of LeMons race stat. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

From the seller:

1990 Toyota mr2 Coupe 2D
Listed 12 weeks ago in Roundup, MT
About This Vehicle
Driven 123,456 miles
Manual transmission
Exterior color: Red · Interior color: Blue
Fuel type: Gasoline

1 owner
This vehicle is paid off
Seller’s Description
Toyota MR2 conversion project has 2 Kawasaki ninja zx 10r street bikes on the rear ones a 04 and the other is an 07 it is almost finished but lost interest needs gear reduction call [hidden information] leave message if no answer

See a better way to start jumpstart your 4 motorcycle engine powered 4wd MR2 project? tips@dailyturismo.com