Half Camper: 1975 Audi Fox Trailer

Building a custom trailer from half of an old car is a hit and miss game where the end result can be range from a fantastic BBQ to something straight from a horror movie.  This next feature is oddly well executed and looks like the perfect trailer for a classic Fox owner.  Find this 1975 Audi Fox Trailer offered for $400 in El Paso, TX.  Tip from Johnny.

This Fox based trailer might be as aerodynamic as a grandfather clock, but it looks surprisingly well executed.  The rear hatch and side doors open to reveal a flat area similar to the Fox with the rear seats folded flat, but it would be nice if the seats are still intact…not that you’d want to ride inside…perhaps if the front opened you could have a nice area to sit and eat while parked…but as is you could probably sleep in the back and haul a bunch of junk around.

If you need a bit of extra cargo space on trips but have a low, low budget and also like to have conversations with random strangers at gas stations, this could be the perfect solution.

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