Grey Poupon: 1959 Jaguar Mark IX

The Jaguar Mark IX (mark nine) is a gorgeous classic luxury saloon that on the road today looks like it came from another planet.  The Mark IX was an evolution of the Mark VIII, which was in turn an upgraded Mark VII…do you see where this is going?  However, it was the last of the line for the giant external pontoon fender styling (the Mark X was far more subdued in looks) and is a favorite favourite for vintage saloon racers for its 3.8 liter straight six and strong disc brakes.  Find this 1959 Jaguar Mark IX here on eBay with starting bid of $21,500 located in Oceanside, CA with 5 days to go.  Tip from Ignacio.

This is an interesting car offered for the second time on eBay. The first time the auction ended with zero bids at $17,500 starting, so the seller increased the starting bid and relaunched the auction.  Similarly perplexing is the statement “I can go in the garage and turn it on and starts up.” 

Under the hood is what appears to be the original 3.8 liter inline-6, but without its original airbox, and instead breaths through a fun-sized open air filter.  However, the strangest part of this car’s powertrain is the unmentioned Ford style automatic shifter located on the floor.  I am so confused.

See another classy British saloon from another era?