Green Living: 1975 International Harvester Pickup

This next car comes from a time when steel was cheap, gasoline was plentiful, and trucks were beasts. I’ve really been impressed with the way modern trucks drive on the road because there was a time when trucks (like this International) were uncomfortable, clunky, bumpy, and terrifying to drive. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting an old truck…because with all of that beefy mass comes ruggedness, easy repairs, off-road prowess, and go-anywhere fun that won’t be matched with a new car that you are afraid to scratch with a tree branch or bash with a boulder. Good luck changing the starter in a 2019 F-150 without some specialized tools and a free weekend, but you could swap the starter on a Scout with a cresent wrench in a muddy field on the way to work. Find this 1975 International Harvester Pickup offered for $6000 in Long Beach, CA via craigslist. Tip from MikeD.

From the seller:

1975 International Harvester Pickup
cylinders: 8 cylinders
drive: 4wd
fuel: gas
title status: clean
transmission: automatic
type: truck
-Runs and drives excellent given its age. Starts immediately every time. all lights, signals, stereo work.
-345 ci V8
-4 Speed Manual
-80k on odometer
-Smog Except in CA

I’ve been driving this rig daily and wish my growing family could just ride in the bed like the ol’ days. But alas, car seats and such. Will trade for a Scout, Blazer, Bronco, Suburban or Travelall of same era.

Has been kept running over the years and was recently brought down from Colorado. Has small leaks in engine bay and driveline, haven’t cared to pinpoint. For sure valve covers.

It has a modern stereo, wing windows and sliding rear window.

CONS: Body. Body and paint to lesser extent is for sure the biggest drawback. Choke circuit disabled. Parking brake not holding, have not attempted to adjust. Hood latch cable broken (hood functions properly). Steering wanders a bit, the rack has adjustment but could get a wrench on it myself. Brakes pull (exacerbated by play in steering). Rotors grooved but lots of pad material.

Extras: I have access a complete parts truck for $500, long bed 2wd.

Couple vids (copy and paste)

Cold Start


Happy to answer any questions. (EXCEPT “IS IT STILL AVAILABLE?”)

See a better way to drive something green?