Green Goblin: 1977 Ford Pinto Wagon

This next car comes as a tip from Orlando who writes: How many people of a certain age have scars on their calves from 70s side pipes? Ask me how I know. Perhaps that’s why you see old men wearing tall socks with shorts? Ankle protection from dodgy side pipes? Find this 1977 Ford Pinto Wagon offered for $7,500 in Newburgh, NE via greenbook golbinplace.

From the seller:

1977 Ford sport wagon
Listed 4 days ago in Newburgh, ME
About This Vehicle
Driven 80,000 miles
Manual transmission
Exterior color: Green · Interior color: Black
Fuel type: Gasoline
This vehicle is paid off
Seller’s Description
Built 302, 4 speed, radical cam.
Will trade for full sized pick up truck, preferably 3/4 or one ton.
Will consider reasonable offers.

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