Got Back: 1995 Mazda Miata Fastback

Most people fall into either the “convertibles are OK” or “I would never own a convertible” camps.  For campers in the later position, when one brings up the quintessential convertible, the Mazda Miata, it’s the old “I’d give Mazda my money if they built it as a coupe” song and dance.  Outside of Japan, those people have been out of luck.  Until now… Find this 1995 M-Edition Mazda Miata Fastback here for sale in Anaheim, CA for a price only Serious Buyers can find out, via craigslist.

With the recent release of the ND chassis MX-5 RF (Retractable Fastback), Mazda has made some measure of coupey-ness available to those outside of the home market.  In Japan Mazda did offer a limited run of the first gen NA, but over here, nicht.  So of course, the aftermarket stepped in, in the form of Mike Grinder and Autokonexion.

Autokonexion seems to be out of business at the time of this writing, but appears to have been a Miata customizer located in the City of Industry, CA until their last FaceGram post of early 2017.  Searching on them brings up numerous interesting internet flavored threads on and clubroadster.

Here’s the sellers ad:

Finally decided to part ways with my beloved 1995 M Edition Miata. Has treated me well and always turns heads and gets thumbs up everywhere I go. ” Nice S2K bro”, or ” What car is that” are usually the bulk of the questions i get. 

Car is an M edition so it comes equipped with the upgraded Torsen, power windows, removable headrest seats ( only made for this specific model), cruise control and the special merlot mica paint color. 

The Autokonexion Fastback by Mike really adds uniquness to the vehicle. The tips of the trunk were shaved off to make it blend in with the body more. Fitment isnt the greatest but is to be expected from Autokonexion products. 

OEM R package Lip

OEM Eunos Fog Lights

OEM Eunos Momo Steering wheel 

Enkei RPF1 15×8 +28

Hard Dog Double Diagonal Rollbar With Harness Bar

Bilstein Shocks / H&R Lowering Springs 

Toyota Coil on Plug Conversion

Garage Star Front License Plate Relocation Kit

Front Tow Hook

Garage Star Security Brackets

Also have a paint matched sickspeed (garage vary rep) panel and project g side skirts that I’ll include if selling price is met. 

Serious Buyers come check it out.

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Gianni is Daily Turismo’s Pacific Northwest correspondent.