Good Friday Dilemma: Red and Green: Triumph vs NSU

You’ve got two empty spaces in your garage, barn, dirt lot…whatever, and you need to fill it with two classics. Obviously one needs to be red and the other side green — an automotive salute to the little red/green sign you have on your table at an all-you-can eat churrascaria. You might not be able to eat either of these next four cars, but they all look like they’ve been barbequed over a charcoal fire for the past few decades. Which pair goes in your green field? The pair of Triumphs TR7/TR8 for $4k or the pair of NSU Prinz 40s for $1100CAD? NSUs are a tip from Erik.

The Triumph pair is pretty sad — the red car is a 4-cylinder equipped TR7 that does not run or drive and the green TR8 runs/drives but has been transformed into a rally car with a sawzall and a few cases of Miller Lite.

The NSU Prinz pair on the other hand…wow…these are derelict. It is almost impossible to determine the color of the red one until you pop the bonnet. One has an engine…neither have glass. Can you resurrect either of these cars in three days or three years? Which one would you pick?