Gone to Plaid: 1980 Toyota 4×4 Pickup

 Toyota pickups from the 1980’s were pretty cool.  Spartan and diminutive, these trucks were great for getting things done as well as fun basic transportation.  We wish we could buy something like them off the lot today.  Find this 1980 Toyota 4×4 Pickup for sale in Leavenworth, KS for $6,500 via craigslist.

Once ubiquitous, these little trucks disappeared over the years and we all know where they went. The tin-worm plague knocked out nearly every last one of them. Like dinosaur fossils, only those landing in just the right conditions stood the test of time.    

Like other once-popular vehicles, there are many fond memories associated with these Toyotas and survivors are beginning to command a premium.  With their kitschy character and rugged looks, expect them to draw attention from nostalgic types and hipsters.  While the asking price may seem steep for such a small piece of metal, it is doubtful they are done appreciating.

Buy this truck and use it as a runabout, even though it will be hard-pressed to do interstate speeds.  Lock the hubs and take it through the mud, but be sure to give it the care it deserves.  It is the last of a great breed.

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