Goes Like Stink: 1969 Chevrolet V8 Scatrod

This next feature is just about the strangest piece of crap on the road…no…no, I’m not calling it a piece of excrement, we don’t do that on this site — but this car is literally (and figuratively) full of poop.  Find this 1969 Chevrolet V8 Scatrod here on eBay offered for $13,500 starting bid located in Kent, WA with a few hours to go.

The seller states that this is a brand new build that hasn’t been to any shows yet, although it was booked into “two large indoor shows on the west coast” — not sure if the seller means car shows or porta-potty exhibitions.  I hear the Pebble Butt Concours d’Effluence is going to be a great show this year.

Gotta go! tips@dailyturismo.com