Go Home GM, You’re Drunk: 2000 Saturn SL Sedan

GM touted the launch of their Saturn brand in 1990 as a “different kind of car company” but the truth was hidden from plain sight for a number of years. The Saturn Corporation was actually launched in 1983 by a former members of GM’s leadership team, but GM bought them out in 1985 and rewrote the history books to spin Saturn as a brand dreamed up by GM to erase the bad taste in consumers mouths from years of crappy Chevy economy cars. Naturally the optimistic yuppies of the 1990s flocked to these Tupperware bodied things like moths to a Tesla car battery fire-speaking of which, did y’all remember that it was at the Saturn dealers where GM sold leased their ill fated GM EV1. Anyway, I remember Saturn loving families where the Mom would drive an sedan, the Dad would drive a “sporty” coupe and the teenage kids would be left driving an old car, usually some 80s Toyota that was oddly still on the road and totally reliable. Find this 2000 Saturn SL Sedan offered for $2,100 in Atlanta, GA via faceleak censorbook. Tip from Jeff.

From the seller:

2000 Saturn Saturn S-Series SL Sedan 4D
Listed 22 hours ago in Atlanta, GA
About This Vehicle
Driven 205,791 miles
Automatic transmission
Exterior color: Grey · Interior color: Grey
Fuel type: Gasoline
25.0 MPG city · 36.0 MPG highway · 29.0 MPG combined

Seller’s Description
Runs really good AC works fine and heat works also just did emission today. Really nice car come and test drive.

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