Go Anywhere, Meat People: 1963 Thiokol Swamp Spryte

If a picture says a thousand words, then a picture in a craigslist advertisement says thousands of things about the seller and the vehicle. If the seller of this snowcat style Swamp Spryte (built by the Thiokol Chemical Corp in Ogden, UT which you might have heard about because they supplied the o-rings that failed on the Space Shuttle Challenger’s right solid rocket booster) took photos of this thing bombing down a ski slope, it’d say one thing, but instead they chose a photo of the spritely thing next to an impromptu meat rack. I’m not sure what kind of carcasses I’m looking at in the photo — fish, or deer, or people…but let’s just say that I warned ya. And what on earth is the guy in the ghillie suit doing? Find this 1963 Thiokol Swamp Spryte offered for $18,000 in Wasilla, AK.

From the seller:

condition: excellent
delivery available
make / manufacturer: Thiokol Chemical Corp.
model name / number: 1301 Swamp Spryte
size / dimensions: 155″L X 77″W

Thiokol 1300 series Swamp Spryte amphibious track machine. Includes custom Arrco Trailmaster trailer for hauling/maintaining it. From its 1963 origin in Logan Utah, this machine has been upgraded significantly for use today in Alaska. It is aluminum over steel frame construction, powered by a Ford 170 Industrial engine, and is equipped with a heated cab, Warn winch, utility hoist, custom bed & cab covers, bilge pump, and power inverter. Upgrades from original set up include: Ford transmission gear down, custom tracks, heavier front spindles & hubs, professional engine re-build for unleaded fuel, and numerous others. Included are manuals, maintenance log, and a large inventory of parts and sources.

Excellent condition. $18,000

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