Generation Y34: 2003 Infiniti M45

The Y34 generation M45 was sold in the US market for the 2003 and 2004 model years only, and in very limited numbers.  The thing that made the M45 different from something like a BMW 540i, Audi S6 or Mercedes-Benz E500 is that it didn’t have a basic entry model and was the only mid-sized executive class car offered from Nissan.  This means that if you own one, it will truly be the only one you see around town.  Find this 2003 Infiniti M45 offered for $4,000 in Apple Valley, CA via craigslist.  Tip from Ryan.

Gen Y did I buy this...

The Y34 M45 is sleek enough to blend into the background (most non car
folks won’t notice its not a LexusedesMW) and rare enough that car people will
do a double take.  Only 7000 of these handsome sedans were built
during the Y34 generation’s two year production run and the only engine choice was the VK45DE V8.  The VK’s 340 horsepower and 333 ft-lbs of torque is more than enough to toss around the big Nissan’s 3800 lb curb weight.

Maybe if the pic is REALLY overexposed they won't notice that the car isn't in the middle of the frame.

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