Garrett Turbo Cobalt is Now Live on ebay

The little sport compact sleeper we featured yesterday is now up for bidding and is live on ebay. The Garrett Turbo Chevy Cobalt should make a great daily turismo for someone, with its cool history as an engineering development mule, understated looks, low miles, and of course that lag-free turbo punch. This is one car we at DT have driven personally and we can say we wouldn’t mind having it in our stable and driving it every day…the smiles-per-dollar factor on this thing is high! Find it here on ebay in Torrance, CA with bidding starting low and no reserve price.

We hope the Garrett Turbo Cobalt finds a good home, perhaps with a DT reader. Another possibility the new owner could consider is turning this into a dedicated track day machine. Strip the interior, install a roll cage, racing seat and harness…and you’d have a fun, reliable and low-stress way to enjoy your local road course. The instant midrange torque will pull you out of the corners and the top end power is high enough to hang with a lot of the pretentious Euro cars.

Lots of power, any time you put your foot down, in a mild-mannered sleeper wrapper is a great recipe for the types of cars we like to drive and feature here at Daily Turismo. We’ll even forgive the fact that this one is FWD. Just imagine the surprise on the next guy’s face when you blow the doors off of his rally striped 396 Chevelle in your silver Cobalt coupe. These are just the kind of antics we heartily encourage!

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