Gansta Lean: 1937 Hudson Custom Eight

There is an interesting phenomenon in the custom car industry, where everybody wants to be/build something different but ends up with the same collection of parts.  It is the analogous situation to those goth kids, who paint their faces black, and perforate their external organs willy-nilly and scream that they just want to be different…just like all of their different friends.  The custom car world is the same to an extent, where builders grab some oddball one-off and install a Chevy V8, Mustang II rack-n-pinion, Lokar (of the hill people?) shifter/gauges/steering column, TH400 transmission, and a Ford 9-inch rear end — it doesn’t matter if they start with a Model T or a Fiero…it all ends up the same.  Like this 1937 Hudson Custom Eight here on eBay bidding for $11,601 with 2 days to go, located in Beaumont, TX.

Noted gangster John Dillinger was said to have appreciated the Hudson Eight’s sister car (the Terraplane) for its combination of cop evading speed, comfort, and ability to blend into the background.  Today’s example is magnified in a few of those categories, particularly around performance, but the only place you might blend in is on the Concours at Pebble Beach.

Gone is the big Hudson straight-8 that would have made about 120 horsepower and in its place is a Chevrolet 454 cubic inch big block churning out an undisclosed quantity of horsepower — but I’d guess you could give even the newest Dodge Magnum Police special a run for the money….at least until you need to turn.

On the inside the Custom Eight looks nicely done — of course it has those ubiquitous Lokar gauges that have old style clock hands for pointers…the only thing missing is the Vintage Air system…wait…yeah, its in there.  Job done!

See a better way to cruise around in a Hudson without owning your own machine shop to build spare parts?