Future Classic: 1983 Volkswagen GTI Mk I

The original gangsta GTI was more than a sporty Volkswagen Golf — it was a statement from the little German company that have lived for so long on the back of the ancient Beetle — and that statement was that VW could build a car that was cheap and fun to drive without breaking a sweat.  Find this 1983 Volkswagen GTI Mk I here on eBay bidding for $7,251 reserve-not-met with 1 day to go, located in Portland, ME.

The little front drive GTI was powered by a fuel injected version of the basic Golf 1.8 liter engine that pumps out 110 horsepower and 109 ft-lbs of torque — but you don’t buy this car for the numbers, you buy it for the feeling of that gorgeous red interior on your backside.

This one’s claimed to be a Texas car, imported to New England to taunt others who dream of 32-year-old rust free imports (OK, we made that last part up). With original paint, original bordello velour interior, and the feeling of verve that only comes from a lightweight, simple, and well balanced car – this GTI seems like a winner to use on the weekends or as a semi-Daily Turismo.

See another well preserved Mk I GTI for a good price? tips@dailyturismo.com