Fuel of Slowtan: 1983 Nissan Sentra Diesel

I’ve owned and driven some slow cars in my time…so I don’t say this lightly…but this next car is slower than a herd of snails on a plate of peanut butter.  The basic gasoline powered Sentra was slow with its 1.6 liter gasoline 4-banger drooling to 60mph in about 14 seconds, but the 1.7 liter CD17 non-turbo diesel was an absolute boat anchor and would have possibly gotten to 60 in less than 18 seconds with a strong tail wind.  But…if my experience owning an ’81 Rabbit Diesel taught me anything…it is that slow can be exhilarating — just try merging on the freeway and tell me your pulse rate doesn’t skyrocket like a snail trying to cross the racing surface during the annual Bonneville salt flat speed week.  Find this 1983 Nissan Sentra Diesel offered for $3500 in Cerritos, CA via craigslist.

From the seller:

 1983 nissan sentra

condition: excellent

cylinders: 4 cylinders

drive: fwd

fuel: diesel

odometer: 82000

paint color: blue

title status: clean

transmission: manual

Selling 1983 Nissan Sentra

Very rare car and in great condition.

Comes with a 4 Cylinder Diesel Engine which is very fuel efficient. 48+ mpg .Attached to a manual 4 speed transmission.

Has 4 new tires well maintained.

I am the ORIGINAL OWNER since new.

Very reliable fun car to drive you don’t really see these anymore.

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