Frugal Classic: 1972 Triumph GT6 Mk III

The Mark III Triumph GT6 was built from 1970 through 1973, and was a last hurrah for the poor man’s E-Type before poor sales ended its short lifespan.  The GT6 is a good looking car, with decent build quality, but for some reason was outsold 3-to-1 by the MGB GT.  Inexplicably, the low production numbers have not turned into stupid high prices yet…but that can change; get ’em while they’re cheap.  Find this 1972 Triumph GT6 Mk III offered for $6,950 by a dealer in College Point, NY via hemmings.

The Triumph GT6 might look like just a Giovanni Michelotti fastback styled version of the Spitfire, but it also received an upgraded engine and transmission.  The GT6 uses the same funky swing-axle rear end inherited from the Triumph Herald as the Spitfire, but by the Mark III version, it was much better.

The GT6 is powered by Triumph’s overhead valve inline-6 that displaces
2.0 liters and puts out 104 horsepower. The GT6 isn’t a fast car in today’s
overpowered minivan traffic, but it was fast in comparison to the small
displacement inline-4 powered Triumphs, Austins and MGs of the day.  Like they say at that Kentucky dating website, everything is relative.

The interior of this GT6 looks way nicer than you’d expect for the asking price, and the seller’s description indicates the car is rust free and mechanically sorted.  Seems like a good deal if everything is as advertised.

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