Fresh Off The Vine: 1979 Buick Riviera

It’s a real shame that you can’t get velour interiors color coded to the avocado metallic exterior hue these days. How much better would a new Regal be with green, tufted, semi-reflective seats? Not to fear; a nearly new option exists. Find this geriatrically preserved 1979 Buick Riviera available in Napa County, CA for an undisclosed price via craigslist.  Tip from Kaibeezy

The sixth iteration of the Riviera saw the transition to front-wheel-drive. Also, personal luxury got that much more personal with a general downsizing of engines and dimensions. Motor options were pretty dismal aside from the 3.8 Turbo which offered more hope than power. No mention is made of which powerplant resides within these metallic fender-wells but my money is on the 4.1 V6 or 307 V8. Speaking of money, no price is disclosed but bring your negotiating pants and some comps.

Looking like it has actually been grown and nearly ripened on the vines in the background, this Buick only has about 70,000 miles since being plucked. Back in 1979, it was perfectly acceptable to ride around Napa with swoopy hair and a glass of Chianti. Those days are long past but you can still get bombed riding shotgun, vineyard to vineyard, in the most comfortably green place on earth.

Getting into this Riv is like climbing into a creamy bowl of guacamole with bits of pit used as wood accents. The gigantic slab to which all controls are affixed appears to still retain all of its layers and laminate. The seats and carpet look as though the car was parked deep in damp forest, overcome completely with moss and mildew. In other words, they appear completely brand new.

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Matt, a self-proclaimed bottom-feeder of the classic car market, spends half of his time buying cars, half of his time retrieving them, and the remaining third on keeping them on the road.