FreeK: Happy Meal: 1979 Volvo 244

The world seems to be chock full of people who complain about how the price of everything keeps going up endlessly…heck, I’m one of them!!  Imagine my surprise when a tip came over for a late 70s Volvo sedan at 1930’s used car prices.  Who says you can’t get anything for cheap anymore?  Find this 1979 Volvo 244 offered for $5 via the 24 Hours of LeMons forums.  Tip from Dan. 

Seeing as how this listing is almost 24 hours old, it is probably gone, but who knows?  Just bring five $1 bills and leave two in your buddy’s wallet so you can lowball the guy and then borrow the money if he doesn’t budge. “Oh man, I’ve only got $3, I must have had a big mac on the way over here…would you take $3 and a used livestrong wristband?”

Five bucks doesn’t buy you much in a Volvo, but this one has a steering wheel, shifter, mismatched seats…Ocean Spray sticker on the glove box — you know, the regular stuff you’ll find in a freegan style ride.

But wait, there’s more…this 244 comes with a semi-functioning engine, which starts fine when it’s cold, but not so good when hot.  The seller seems to think it is vacuum related, but it is something that a good home mechanic could fix given enough time — or take it to your local Volvo expert if you are in a bind.  Alternatively you could just drive everywhere with a cooler full of ice in the back.  If it doesn’t start for you, dump a bunch of ice on top of the engine, wait 10 minutes and try again.

Why would you cover up the license plate on a car you are selling for $5???