Free: Rusty Survivor: 1972 BMW 2002Tii

If you’ve wondered where the term basket case came from…this next feature might shed some light on the subject, but you will certainly be exposed to some tetanus during any in person inspection.  Really, the most solid thing about the car is the price, cause it doesn’t get better than free.  Find this 1972 BMW 2002Tii offered for free in Monterey, CA via craigslist.

The BMW 2002 is an appreciating collectible classic that it still
affordable for the average car buyer. The Tii version (touring
internationale injected) is the premium version to get — it adds fuel
injection, rarity, and some special under hood parts to up the cool
factor on an already cool car, but prices have skyrocketed recently…unless they are rusted out rollers.

 See another freegan transporter?