Free, But NOT Free: 1972 Opel GT

I got really excited when I read the title of this next carvertisment. FREE OPAL GTI. Except its not FREE, not an OPAL, and not a GTI. Its like that scuba diving vacation I took in the Sahara Desert. I still feel cheated on that one, but the seller got me all hopeful and then ends with a “Not free, but will consider reasonable offers.” I’m thinking free is a pretty reasonable offer for a derelict Opel GT…but I’m no expert, I’m just a guy with too many cars in my driveway, garage, and clogging up the street to pick up another derelict. CFlo, any interest? Find this 1972 Opel GT offered for FREE, NOT FREE in Simi Valley, CA via freebook marketfleece.

From the seller:

1972 Opal gti
Listed about an hour ago in Simi Valley, CA
About This Vehicle
Driven 71,950 miles
Automatic transmission
Exterior color: Red
Seller’s description
1972 Opal GTI · Coupe · Driven 71,950 miles

Not free, but will consider reasonable offers.