Fraud v Fieroarri: 1969 Fiberfab Avenger GT V8

The seller of this next thing starts his advert off with the casual question; Did you see the movie “Ford Vs Ferrari”?  The answer, of course, is yes…but I do have a counter question; Did you see any Pontiac Fiero parts in Ken Miles’ GT40?  Mmmmmm. I guess the guys at GM didn’t get a shout out in this movie, so you could do it yourself by driving this thing around after some serious price negotiation with the seller. Find this 1969 Fiberfab Avenger GT V8 offered for $15000 in Fresno, CA via craigslist. Tip from Rock On!

 From the seller:

1969 GT-40

condition: good

cylinders: 8 cylinders

drive: rwd

fuel: gas

paint color: red

size: compact

title status: clean

transmission: manual

type: other

Did you see the movie “Ford Vs. Ferrari” (only this is Chevy powered). This is a PROJECT: … I started working on this 8 years ago; now I have some health problems and I’m getting a burnt-out. This is a 1969 kit-car but not a VW anymore. There is a fresh 350 Chevy (built by Auto Machine Specialties in Fresno) bolted to a 1988 Pontiac Fiero 5-speed transmission (fresh rebuild) and drive train. There is no interior but it does have all new gages. It has an electric fan, electric water pump, electric fuel pump, the radiator is up front, new tires, new rims, o.k. paint, current California registration (1969 custom built VW), Fiero rack and pinion steering, Fiero disk brakes (they could use a booster pump), 1962 Corvette tail lights, the rear-end was widened 8-10 inches from the original to give it a different look, … and the list goes on and on. Vehicle starts, runs, drives, and stops. The pictures show where there is some body rub, and that causes a little noise. I have only driven it 10 or 15 total miles, two miles at a time, down the street and back. I don’t need help selling the vehicle and if you want to try and scam me out of it that would be interesting, I’m retired and I have time to kill.

Call Tom at 474 – 7795 .. I might consider a trade for something that is more complete and equal value; maybe a 1930, 1932, or 1940 hotrod. like I stated, I am a little tired of working on cars so I wouldn’t want a basket-case that I have to assemble. 

 See a better way to drive something with vette tail lights?