Foxy Bod: 1979 Ford Fairmont Station Wagon

The Ford Fairmont (and its badge engineered Mercury Zephyr cousin)
was a Fox-body based large compact (or small mid-sized) sedan that
superseded the Maverick in 1978 and survived until it was replaced with
the ill-timed Tempo in 1984.  A used Fairmont won’t get you front row parking at the valet, but it does a nice job of checking the Fox-body box in your bucket list.  Find this 1979 Ford Fairmont Station Wagon offered for $2700 in Colorado Springs, CO via craigslist.  Tip from Zach Z.

This refrigerator white wagon is the perfect vehicle for hauling around your junk in total anonymity — BUT, a few people in the “know” might notice, particularly when you make some modifications to 302 cubic inch V8 under the hood.

See a better way to fox it up?