Fox In Sheep’s Clothing: 1981 Ford Fairmont Wagon

The Ford Fairmont (and its badge engineered cousin, the Mercury Zephyr) was a Fox-body based large compact (or small mid-sized) sedan that superseded the Maverick in 1978 and survived until it was replaced with the terminally terrible Tempo in 1984.  The Fairmont isn’t something you’d expect rich guys to buy under the air conditioned tents at a Barrett-Jackson auction, but this next one will be able to embarrass the stock C4 Corvette they just bought for too much money.  Find this 1981 Ford Fairmont Wagon here on eBay offered for $6,500 buy-it-now located in Odenville, AL.

This Fairmont might not seem like much from the outside — it wears a faded blue coat with a white cap, and the trim is falling off in places.  However, the Fairmont was more than just a restyled economy car, it was a unibody car build on the Fox Mustang platform and featured a stiff/light frame, rack-n-pinion steering, plus an oxcart solid axle out back.  Stock power wasn’t anything to get excited about…but Ford 302 V8 is second only to the Chevy 350 for being easy/cheap to tune up.

Under the hood of this sedate looking wagon is a Ford Performance Racing Parts “X” 302/340 horse power crate engine mated to a Tremec T5Z five speed transmission with Hurst shifter.  Power then heads to a 8.8 inch rear end with 3.55 tracloc gears — yeehaw!!

Even a cursory glance inside this thing won’t alert any would be competitors to the monster lurking under the hood.  The cue-ball sized shifter on a long arm is the only thing that doesn’t scream grandpa car.

Hat tip to Oddimotive.  See another quick wagon?