Ford 2.3 Turbo Power: 1973 Volkswagen Buggy

We might not all agree when debating the paradox of George Washington’s axe as it applies to a Volkswagen Beetle that that has had every single original component replaced with new stuff — but I think we can all agree that hooning around in some loose gravel is way more fun than chopping wood or debating ancient Greek philosophy.  Find this 1973 Volkswagen Buggy with Ford 2.3 power offered for $5,000 in Kansas City, KS via craigslist.

For $5k, you get a decent looking setup that should be at home on any loose surface and as a bonus is titled in MO as a Volkswagen Beetle.  Obviously, your local laws will vary, but running this as a part time street car and part time off-roader would be a blast.  It needs a new windshield and rear shocks before it can be back to bombing through the air.

See a better dune buggy for $5k? Send it here:


CARQUEST by BDW ignition coil for Ford 2.3 is $27.99 on AdvancedAutoParts.

World Brake Resources front drum for ’73 Beetle for $37.61 on AdvancedAutoParts.