Flintstones Special: 1956 Buick Special Sedan

Most classic car aficionados will tell you that mid-50s American cars were something special for the time — everyone else around the world was trying to figure out how to fix bombed out homes from WW2 or get indoor plumbing setup, but in the USA we were trying to figure out how to put more chrome on a giant piece of rolling metal. Yes, cars from the 60s are much more drivable and easy to maintain, but 50s cars have so much style and the ones that remain are expensive or rust buckets. This is the latter. Find this 1956 Buick Special Sedan bidding for $500 in Andover, MN via ebay.

From the seller:

Stock #:CC10333
Exterior Color:GREEN
Interior Color:RED
Drivetrain:Rear Wheel Drive
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Vehicle Description
This 1956 Buick Special 4dr sedan is a very solid car all around! We purchased from a collection was intended to be used as a parts car but it was too nice to be parted out. The engine block will turn by hand. This car does have a clean title for it. Give us a call at 877-350-0588 or email ” to inquire about this 1956 Buick Special. WE ARE OPEN TO TRADES AND FINANCING IS AVAILABLE!

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number):


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