Fleet Sale: Six 1990s Suzuki X-90s

The X-90 was Suzuki’s Sidekick/Escudo based replacement for the outgoing
Samurai and it was setup on a longitudinal
engine configuration with an optional 4X4 transfer case.  It might have looked like just another front wheel drive lifted econobox masquerading as a compact SUV, but it actually has legitimate street offroad cred.  Today’s next feature is a cadre of six 1990s Suzuki X-90s offered for $2500 to $6000 each or all for $25,000, located in Denver, CO via craigslist..  Tip from Joel.

It’s easy to understand how someone ends up with six X-90s, particularly if you own/rent a huge empty field in the middle of nowhere.  You start with one X-90, but after a few months you need a new headlight bulb.  Instead of buying new bulb, it is cheaper just to buy another entire car, so you now have two.  But the new car needs a headlight and its dash is cracked, so you head back to craigslist…do you see where this is going?  This guy’s fleet consists of 3 with auto, 3 with 5-speed manual, half with working AC, and at least one that has been lifted.

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