Final 500 Edition: 2003 Oldsmobile Aurora

Oldsmobile was founded by Ransom E Olds in 1897 and was one of the longest lasting automobile marques before it outlived its usefulness and was milked to death by its
mercilessly capitalist bean-counter bottom-line driven corporate
overlords at GM.  The 1960s found Oldsmobile positioned between Pontiac and Buick in GM’s pricing hierarchy, but things went in every direction in the coming decades and Oldsmobile actually recorded its highest volume year in 1985 with 1,066,122 cars sold.  Unfortunately Oldsmobile didn’t even survive to the 2008 carpocalypse and was closed for good in 2004, but not before they produced a limited run of 500 from each of their model lines.  Find this 2003 Oldsmobile Aurora Final 500 Edition here on eBay bidding for $6,500 with $7,500 buy-it-now located in Cincinnati, OH.

Each of the Final 500 Aurora/Bravada/Intrigue/Silhouette/Alero models featured the same Final 500 badges and Dark Cherry Metallic paint scheme as the last Oldsmobiles to roll off the assembly lines.  If any 2000 era Oldsmobile will ever be “collectible” in the remotest sense of the word, this is it.

Like all Aurora was a mid-sized luxury sedan that shared a chassis with the
2-door Buick Riviera and available V8 power made it something of a
sleeper.  The 4.0 liter L47 V8 was a derivative of Cadillac’s Northstar
V8 and available in the Aurora where it pushed out 250

See a better example of an oddball future classic?