Ferrazda Dinata: 1990 Mazda Miata Kit Car

This next feature comes from DT contributor Gianni:  The Ferrari 246 Dino was the Scuderia’s answer to the Porsche 911.  When it was introduced, it was just the 246 Dino and not the Ferrari 246 Dino as Enzo had decreed a Ferrari has 12 cylinders, and the Dino had 6.   Like almost everything from Maranello, Dino’s saw a bubble of appreciation in the 80’s, a crash in the 90’s and now strong appreciation.  A 246 Dino GT in #3 condition could have been had for 60K in 2006, now will set you back a cool 280K.  So what is a DT-er with the net worth of a mere mortal to do?  Kit car!   Now at this point you’d expect me to point to a VW-based kit car, but what is the answer to every automotive question?  Miata!  Find this 1990 NA Miata-based 246 Dino replica here on eBay bidding for $8,050 with reserve not met and a $12,500 Buy-It-Now, located in New York, NY.

I wonder if this is the shape of things to come kit-car wise as the last beetle was sold in the U.S. some 38 years ago – the supply must be drying up.  Since the Dino is a mid engined car and the Miata is front engined, expect some odd proportions with your bargain exotic.

The ad says that this replica started life as a 1990 Miata (oh, no short nosed crank!), but the dash shot shows a passenger airbag.  Passenger airbags weren’t fitted to the Miata until 1994.  Bonus points for the upholstery that mimics the Dino’s “chairs”.  Minus points for not straightening the steering wheel before taking the photo.

The car retains its ragtop as well as a customized hardtop.  The original Dino came as a coupe (GT) and a targa (GTS).   When you pull the hardtop on this facsimile, some funky flying buttresses are left behind.  Kinda reminds me of the Mach 5.

There aren’t any engine pictures in the ad, but a random shot of the underside shows the I-4 to still be intact in the font and relatively clean.  No extra charge for the overspray either.

The ad copy says: “Turns heads pictures taken, Horns Honk, thumbs go up what an attention getter it is”.  I’m not so sure its heads that turn and if you really want that kind of attention.  See another answer to a question that shouldn’t be asked?  Send it in:  tips@dialyturismo.com