Father’s Day: What Would You Get For Your Dad?

My old man has this terrible habit of buying aged diesel Mercedes-Benz sedans and then driving them until the wheels fall off.  I think the current one has 450,000 miles on the clock, and while his years as a traveling salesman are long gone, his desire to breath diesel fumes and go slow is not.  I’d love to get him out of the German tank and into something like this ’89 Jaguar XJS V12 offered for $16,500 on San Diego craigslist that came as a tip from fueltruck.  What about you, what do you think your old man should drive?  And happy Father’s day to all!

The Jaguar XJS is far too often stripped of its sonorous V12 and forced
to make do with a Chevy 350 mated to the stock GM TH400 slushbox, but not today. This one is still powered by the gloriously complex 5.3 liter Jaguar V12 that was rated at something in the 250 horsepower range for the US consumer. 

What about you?  What would you get for Pop?  Comments below.