Family Sized: 1990 Avanti Sedan

There is an odd trend in the used car market – a given make or model of car can sell abysmally when new and be considered a failure of Aztecian proportions, but yet a few years later, on the used market it can become painted with the all-numbing brush of rareness.  Death from gingivitis is rare; having a scorpion as your manicurist is also rare, and so is having a sock drawer full of black mambas — but critically, none of those are desirable in the least (except for the scorpion manicure, those little pincers are great for snipping an overgrown cuticle).  So what is the big deal about a rare used car?  I dunno…why are you asking me? I’m just here for the free bacon wrapped hot dogs.  Find this 1990 Avanti Sedan here on eBay offered for a whopping 27,000 smackeroos buy-it-now or make-offer, located in San Antonio, TX.

The Chevrolet Caprice based Avanti was the brain child of mobster real estate mogul John J. Cafaro who moved the post-Studebaker era Avanti production from Southbend, IN to the more Teamster friendly state of Ohio.  At this new plant, a group of skilled craftsmen blended fiberglass and the Caprice running gear into what sits in front of you here today…but only 90 ever left the assembly line.

Nothing said luxury in 1990 like a little wood veneer covered table that popped out of the front seatback, complete with indent for your highball glass.  Telly Savalas would approve.  Powering the Avanti sedan is a 5.0 liter V8 making around 170 horsepower with throttle body injection mated to a basic automatic transmission.

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