Exner Styled: 1956 Chrysler Windsor

The Windsor name was first used on a full sized Chrysler in 1939, when it was the junior model to the big New Yorker sedan.  By 1956, the Windsor was now “forward look” styled by the legendary Virgil Exner – and with Imperial being spun off into its own brand, the Windsor became the top model of the Chrysler brand.  Find this 1956 Chrysler Windsor coupe here on eBay bidding for $2,650 with a few hours to go, located in Molalla, OR.

You don’t need to be a fan of big 50s American tail fins to appreciate the Windsor coupe, even this example, which has some rust and needs.  The brute under the hood is a 331 cubic inch pig iron V8 that puts out 225 horsepower via a 2-bbl carburetor.

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