Ex-IMSA Racer: 1988 Chevrolet Cavalier

I like racing, and tried to watch a Formula 1 race the other day, but fell asleep once the first turn was sorted out.  There is something called NASCAR that some folks enjoy, but my own personal preference is for vintage racing, which is really great because you can buy the cars and race them yourself. Unfortunately, the desirable racers from the 50s/60s are monstrously expensive, but you can buy cheap ex-racer 80s econoboxes for next to nothing.  Find this 1988 Chevrolet Cavalier here on eBay bidding for $5,600 reserve-not-met with a few hours to go, located in Farmington, CT.

 From the seller:

This cool race car is as raced- it was parked 29 years ago and never raced since.  It was in a warehouse that was dry and heated all those years.  never hit.  original paint and livery.   it is complete.  This car was raced by Tommy Archer and It won at Lime Rock Park – it was the first front wheel drive from GM to ever win an IMSA race. It has a Katech motor  all kinds of tricks in this car.  Apparently Cars and Concepts blew their wallet on this project in order to win.  The car was slated to go to Daytona but it was never shipped there.  it stayed in Connecticut all these years.  We bought it about 5 years ago and we ran it and we drove it- it shifts, drives and runs great.  We put some street tires on it, bled brakes and clutch and did all fluids, new battery and wow, it ran and drove.

Obviously it will have to be gone through before it is able to be raced.  But this car has no damage under it, no rust, a really cool cage, all original gauges, ignition system and all switches and panels are all original just as if it were driven in the pits and parked in the trailer.

 This is a perfect little race car to have fun at SCCA or open track days..  probably over 200k in development went into this car.  the more you work on it the more tricks you see.  Katech was contacted, they still have the build sheet on the motor, they were very excited and very helpful.  ATL still had the specs on the fuel cell on the car also.  The Cell is not redone.  We ran it on a 8 gallon temporary cell and a temporary pump.  All windows, all shields, and all panels are still original and all come with the car.  This car has no VIN  it never had a VIN  so there fore it has no title.  Only a bill of sale.  It cannot be registered and obviously it is as is.   We strongly recommend that you come and see it- location is near Hartford ct.  This car was featured in many magazines, road and track Ads , and many Archer Brothers promotional items.  it rolls freely and can be shipped anywhere.  It has fuel drained out of it now so it will not run.  but it ran and we have a video of it running.  Do not bid on this car unless you know what it is.  It is a professional race car.  it cannot be put on the street.

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