Electric Myrrh: 1995 Tropica Roadster

The Christian feast of the Epiphany is celebrated on January 6th, (the word Epiphany comes from the ancient Greek work Τheophaneia meaning “vision of God”) and is a commemoration of the three Magi visiting the infant Jesus.  Around here we celebrate the Epiphany by posting 3 cars, one for each of the magi — first up from the East is Gaspar and his gift was myrrh, which is an oil that was used in embalming before burial…which is what happened to Renaissance Cars after they launched an all electric sports car called the Tropica Roadster.  It was an interesting car at a time when all electric cars were mostly home built machines, but it didn’t sell well and fell into an early grave. Luckily for fans of cars with boat interiors, there is one for sale on craigslist. Find this 1995 Tropica Roadster offered for $19000 in St Augustine, FL via craigslist. Tip from Rock On!

From the seller:

1995 Renaissance cars Tropica

condition: excellent

cylinders: other

drive: rwd

fuel: electric

paint color: white

size: compact

title status: clean

transmission: other

type: convertible

Available for sale is #16 of 25 electric Tropica roadsters built here on the space coast in Palm Bay. 1995 the first electric sports car, has cult like following is destine to be the Tucker of the electric car era….notably… one is located in Moscow Russia owned by a former cosmonaut . This particular car was upgraded with modern electronics to include 220 modern charge point and charger to accept lithium batteries….currently has lead acid Odessa batteries that need replacing, battery access relocated in the rear of the car for easy access ..car is in excellent shape, please call with questions….$19,000

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