Electric Boogaloo: 1961 Henney Kilowatt

Why do Millennials love Elon Musk so much?  Aside from his name making for a fantastic cologne brand, there isn’t much there other than that he made a bunch of money with an online bank (X.com) and has parlayed that cash into a bunch of other businesses…so I guess we should all start worshipping the modern day Rockefellers — the internet barons of the 21st century — BUT, I do want to say that, contrary to popular belief, Elon Musk did not invent the electric car, that award goes to Thomas Davenport of Vermont who ran the first electric car way back in 1834.  Fast-forward a century or so and you could buy a Renault Dauphine based Henney Kilowatt.  Find this 1961 Henney Kilowatt here on eBay for $15,950 buy-it-now with 4 days to go located in Kingsport, TN. Tip from Frank.

The Henney was manufactured by the Eureka Williams Co in Bloomington,
IL…or more accurately, RE-manufactured.  It started life as a Renault
Dauphine and some nut shoved a 72 volt electric motor where the engine
should have been…and some batteries. Lots of old school lead-acid batteries.

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