El Rubichero: 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee El Camino

If you take a Jeep Grand Cherokee and turn it into a pickup, does that make it a Rubichero or an El Cherokamino? That should be a hypothetical question I am asking, but no, this is a real thing, complete with Hemi power and a functioning tailgate. The strangest part of the entire car is that…it works. It isn’t a bad looking vehicle and I’d drive it. Find this 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee El Camino offered for $18,500 in Walla Walla, WA via craigslist. Tip from JB1025.

From the seller:

2007 jeep grand cherokee
fuel: gas
odometer: 90000
title status: clean
transmission: automatic

The objective of this build was to create a hot rod little pickup much like the Chevrolet SSR but with 4 wheel drive, also kind of like my SC1 pictured here. All the options like memory leather seats, dual climate control, great stereo in a cool compact package that whips into the lot at Home Depot without backing up and repositioning like a current full size pickup. It turned out great and I have so enjoyed driving it and drawing a crowd everywhere I go with people saying they didn’t know Jeep built this and wondering if it is new. The build started out with a mint, top of the line, fully optioned 2007 Grand Cherokee (currently only 90K miles). The back end was removed and fitted with a steel floor out of a Colorado, wheel wells cut and refitted, and a window out of another pickup, and a new tailgate. Many hours of fabrication went into this all steel conversion. It was then match repainted in the fabricated areas all professionally done. Then a Bed liner was sprayed in.

I love it and think it turned out better than I had hoped. I have built many hot rods over the years, this is my favorite. Usually you start out with a rusty old body (no rust here), add a big V8 (factory Hemi here) add a leather interior (beautiful factory leather here) add vintage air ( factory dual climate control here) and this has a plethora of options you wouldn’t have like 10 way memory, heated leather seats and adjustable pedals…then paint, add 5 spoke wheels and tires (new tires here) and end up in it 50K. It’s fun, goes like hell (not like any other little optionless 4 banger mini truck) and gathers eyeball. Graphics easily removed if you don’t like them.

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