El Mustero: 1968 Ford Mustang

Newborn baby deer (fawn) are cute animals, but they look strange. The size and length of their legs make for some odd proportions, but not as odd as this next car. It looks like something imagined by Dr Seuss, MC Escher, or Cheech & Chong. Find this 1968 Ford Mustang El Camino offered for $18,000 OBO in Perkasie, PA via ebay motors.

From the seller:

1968 Mustero Mustang Pick-up truck

The early Mustero’s were the most curious, of all the earlyMustangs. Mustero’s were also the most expensive, including the ShelbyMustangs. The original cost of the cars was the price of a new Mustang timestwo. All the modifications necessary toconvert it into a pick up truck, drove the vehicle past the budget of mostpeople to be able to afford one. Theoriginals were built through BeverlyHills Ford (BHF) in California. BHFnamed the cars Mustero’s using a combinationof Mustang and Rachhero’s names.

My wife and I owned Pats’ Mustang, in Jacksonville Fla. back in the early 1980’s. I had always been looking for a Mustero to use as a, “Parts Getter,”but could never locate a Mustero for the task.

Children came along and the years flew by, but the Mustangswere always in the driveway. Fifteen years ago, my daughter and I took thistribute Mustero on as a “Father-daughter” bonding project. It hadbeen used on and off over the years (including in her wedding), and has been inthe garage 99 percent of the time, but now is the time for it to move this vehicle to have a lucky new owner.I’ve done many Mustang projects over the years; professionally, and as a hobbyist, includinghaving a Mustang in Hot Rod Magazine (August 1979), so rest assured this is nota hack job. The bed metalwork is totally professional, and it is coated with the expensive rubberizedbedliner. The hood is the highly desiredturn signal type, The vehicle started out as a solid car throughout, and ifthere is any rust it will be very minor, (I had to write this in because of anidiot one time that called a surface scratch rust!) .

It has a 7/8 anti-swaybar in the front. The tread on all thetires is good, the battery in new, it has had all new brake wheel cylinders,water pump, heater core, last year. This year; a new rear bumper, new outsidedoor handles, inside rear view mirror and outside mirrors, and has had serviceof lube and oil change with full synthetic oil.

The vehicle looks really good for the age, and shows reallywell, a great cruiser and draws lots of attention! has an economical sixcylinder engine and automatic transmission.

The body color is burgundy red as well as the interior.

The truck runs, drives and shifts well. and as you can seein the pictures it can be used as a light pick up truck. I believe that youcould drive this anywhere, but this in not a guarantee, and none offered. Please come and see it, or have it checked out, there are many car clubs and guys that will do it free or low cost, for you. Askquestions before you purchase it not after!If you either like unusual, fun, and attention grabber, you found it! Thanks for looking.

Payments accepted: Cash, certified check with clearance, or bank transfer

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