E30 Roadkill: 1987 BMW 325E

Roadkill is a DT special feature where we post cars that are seen on
the side of the road by our readers and staff.  Just be sure to include
contact info for the seller if  you submit some roadkill.  Today’s roadkill comes from Sean S who writes: Remember when there was no internet but we still loved finding cars?  AutoTrader, Hemmings, the Recycler or the corner on Sunday that everyone selling would park their cars.  I wonder if we could do a old school throwback before eBay and CL?  Too bad this little e30 is a Autotragic, I bet it could be had for $2,000.

The E30 was designed by famed German born auto designer Claus Luthe (NSU
Prinz/Spider/Ro80,  Audi 50/100 and BMW E28/E30/E31/E32/E34/E36) and
offered a clean/simple approach to baby executive cars.  This is an early pre-facelift example with the eta engine mated to a slushbox, but it would make a decent cheap commuter/beater.

Under the hood is a 120 horsepower of the 2.7 eta engine, not the sportiest thing BMW ever put in 3-series, but it puts out a decent amount of low end torque and gives good fuel economy.  Compare it to an NA diesel engine and you’ll love it.

Contact information of the seller as of 9/21/2015.  If you are reading this in the 22nd century, please do not call the seller. 

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