DTween 5k: Motorcycle Hearse Trailer; Horrorod

If a full sized hearse won’t fit in your driveway, and a VW powered casket-car isn’t moving enough for you – perhaps you should consider this unspecified model year Motorcycle Hearse Trailer located in Belle Fourche, SD currently for sale on ebay bidding starts at $3,000, reserve-not-met.

This hearse trailer will need to be towed by a bike to get you around town – but we expect it would make a fantastic Halloween decoration for your driveway.  It could also come in handy for the motorcycle driver who pulls it as motorcycles riders at 35 times more likely than auto drivers to end up in a casket per mile driven.  We assume you could also tow this thing with a car – but that would probably make it look less like a Hell’s Angels funeral.

The inside of this Hearse Trailer would fit one person comfortably in a casket or about 20 corpses piled/chopped up inside.  It also comes with a unique urn holder to hold a single urn safety for the journey from church to mortuary. 

If you find another one of these please don’t email us – this thing kinda creeps us out.  Also – not there are only 14 more days to submit your entries for Daily Turismoween free t-shirt contest.  tips@dailyturismo.com