DT’s 5th Birthday

Can you believe that Daily Turismo has been around for 5 years?  I can’t!  It seems like only yesterday that DT was a little bald baby sitting in my lap and throwing up on me, but not it talks back, swears, and spends most of the afternoon in time-out.  Anyway, DT is turning 5 years old on Monday July 17th, so we are going to do 5 days of awesome 5s.  Yup.  All things 5.  Expect lots of BMWs 5ers, maybe some 5 year old cars…cars for 5 year olds, 5ths of bourbon…etc.  Let’s kick it off with a retro DT badge and some 5-spoke alloys with a 5-lug wheel.

To get you in the spirit of things, lets recap some of the best DT’s birthdays from years past.

For DT’s 1st birthday in 2013 we did 50 cars in 24 hours.

For DT’s 2nd birthday in 2014 we did the ABC’s of cars.

For the 3rd birthday in 2015 we announced a radio show, patronage thing, DT Fleet, and asked for writers.

For the 4th birthday we did 100 years of cars in a few days.