DTO: Se7en Passenger: 2005 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG Wagon W211

The W211 generation Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG should be on any hoonatic’s short list of modern, luxury missiles to pick up.  Mercedes even built them in wagon configuration for the ultimate 7 passenger rocket ride and today they can be picked up for 30 cents on the dollar.  Find this 2005 Mercedes E55 AMG Wagon for sale in NYC, NY currently bidding near $11k, with reserve not met and 7 days to go.

Don’t mistake the AMG E55 for a simple E-Class wagon – it is fully transformed from stately cruiser to 155+ mph tire shredder by the fine craftsmen at AMG.  This writer has ridden in a W211 E55 (not this one, but a sedan) on many occasions and can testify to a bone crushing wall of torque that accompanies any full throttle expeditions between 20 and 90 mph. Note from Editor CFlo: I’ve feared for my life in the very same E55 and can second that emotion.

AMG hand built each one of the 5.4 liter M113 engines and stuck a lysholm supercharger on top of the V8 to produce 469 horsepower and 520 ft-lbs of torque (power is sent to the rear wheels via a 5-spd slushbox auto). The E55 is one of those vehicles that defies logic as it squats on its haunches and obliterates speed limits.  Grey paint is low key and the exhaust note is throaty but not loud, so you won’t attract too much attention from the authorities unless it looks like the other cars around you are driving backwards.

Speaking of being backwards – the sensation of accelerating in the rear facing jump seats will be akin to sitting in a backwards steward’s jump seat in a 747 during takeoff…except more tire smoke.  The traction control in the E55 is only partially defeatable (the throttle control portion can be disabled, but the inside wheel brake nanny will always be on since the E55 lacks a proper limited slip diff) but the engine has plenty of torque to overwhelm the computers/brakes/angels who try to kill your fun…

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