DTO: DOKA Explorer: 1978 Mercedes-Benz LA911B

 The Mercedes-Benz L-series is a conventionally setup truck (engine in front), but with an engine that is pushed into the cab and is called a Kurzhuaber (Short Bonnet) in Germany.  It was a heavy duty monster designed for hauling trailers, but could also be available in a number of people hauling versions.  Find this 1978 Mercedes-Benz LA911B DOKA Explorer here on eBay offered for $35,000 buy-it-now or make-offer located in North Richland Hills, TX.  Tip from Sean.

The L-series should could be confused with the Unimog (the 4X4 military style machine), as the L-series was designed to be a workhorse for fire engines, hauling, and general purpose on-road needs.  It was available in 4X4, but the focus the L-series was more for the on-road (sometimes poorly paved ones) applications.

This 4-door double cab LA911B is setup with an OM352 5.7 liter diesel inline-6 cylinder naturally aspirated engine rated around 110 horsepower.  The seller includes more information and pictures on an expeditionportal classified ad here

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