DTO: Bertone Bomber: 1970 Alfa Romeo Montreal

Fancy picking up a 70’s supercar, but your investment in mortgage backed securities didn’t pan out?  Fear not, because there is an option that gives you the prestige of a Lamborghini Mura with the performance of a Jaguar E-Type at the price of a used Nissan.  It is called the Alfa Romeo Montreal and combines a 7000 rpm V8 with a body by Bertone.  Find this 1970 Alfa Romeo Montreal currently bidding for $23,300 on eBay with a few hours to go, located in Harwich, MA. UPDATE: This eBay listing is a scam.  Read more here

If you think the Montreal looks a bit like the Lamborghini Mura, it isn’t just in your head.  The Montreal was designed by Marcello Gandini at Bertone, the same Italian stylist who penned the Miura a few years prior.  The Montreal does use some funky styling elements like the headlight slats (that move out of the way when the lights are on), a nonfunctional NACA duct on the hood, and those wacky cabin vents on the side.  Each element might be objectionable if placed on other cars, but somehow the entire package pulls it off.

The chassis may have been borrowed from the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTV, but the engine was a V8 derived from the Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 prototype racecar.  The 2.6 liter DOHC dry-sump V8 is fueled with SPICA fuel injection and puts 200 horsepower into the 5-speed ZF transmission behind it.

If the outside doesn’t let you know that this car is special, then a peak on the inside will remove all doubt.  The seating position is low/sporty and the gauges look like they have been stolen from a fighter jet. 

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