DTM5 on BaT Auction

DT E-i-C Vince: Well…that’s a first!!  The DTM5 didn’t find any buyers over here, so CFlo submitted the 1993 BMW M5 for sale on Bringatrailer.com where it is currently bidding for $6,911 with 7 days to go.  I’ve personally driven/ridden in this car many times and can attest to the sheer brutality of its flagrant and unabridged awesomeness. 

The DTM5 fits well with the other eye candy over at BaT and I am constantly amazed at the sheer volume of high dollar classics that cross the electronic auction block each day.  Sure, the BaT has gone from featuring cars that needed a trailer because they were heaps to needing a trailer because you wouldn’t want to roll that 2nd odometer digit over…but you can’t argue with the breadth and width of the audience and their ability to move cars.  Surf over and buy yourself a nice M5!