DT Upgrades Planned For Later This Week

We’ve got some big changes planned for your favorite internet watering hole…but let me start at the beginning.  DailyTurismo was launched 8 years ago under the simple statement: This blog is a collection of the internet’s best daily drivers on the road for $5-15k.  A few years later we amended our tag line to “the Internet’s best fun cars, cheap daily drivers, vintage classics and custom junk, on the road for less than $20k” and did a massive site upgrade with new graphics from reader turned contributor Kaibeezy.  The new graphic elements and a few new tricks (recent comments widget, etc) were deployed but the site was still the same basic blog running on the blogger platform.  Fast forward to the year 2020 and DT hasn’t changed much, but the internet has and scammers/spammers have certainly have. The blogger platform, which served us well in the beginning, has shown its age and is getting replaced with WordPress…so expect a new look to DT, but with the same cool cars, cheap junk, wacky comments, and focused mission statement.

DT will most likely end up using an on-site commenting system, so you will need to create your own unique DT user ID to avoid spammers…but we promise to keep the system easy to use and this will solve some of the longstanding issues folks have had with commenting via safari on mobile with blogger.  The implementation of the new site will likely happen this Thursday or Friday (July 2nd/3rd), so please bear with us as we work through the details. 

No, we aren’t selling out to some faceless corporation, and no we aren’t prettying the site up to help sell to some interglobal conglomerate. It is just a long overdue upgrade to the site and a way to make reading, commenting, and enjoying DT a little bit easier.

-Vince DT Editor-in-Chief