DT Special: How to Zombie Proof Your Car

In anticipation of Halloween (and potential post-election day violence) the guys at Moneysupermarket.com asked us if we wanted share this handy infographic on How to Zombie Proof Your Car.  Moneysupermarket.com is a UK based insurance shopping tool to compare rates and they seem to have a classically British sense of humour and currently are offering Afterlife, Broom and Time Travel Insurance as well as some tips on how to Zombie Proof Your House.

Original art work from moneysupermarket.com – reprinted at the Daily Turismo with permission.

Full disclosure: We gave the guys at moneysupermarket.com squat for running this infographic, as in nothing, nadda, zip, zilch and they gave us nothing for the link back to their services, no free car insurance, no discounts on armoured cars or even a pat on the back. 

Have any other tips for zombie proofing you stuff?  Post in the comments, our mailboxes (and pantries!) are already filled with spam!