DT Reader Question: What is the best car named after a President?

The Daily Turismo is planning an epic Presidents’ Day special and to kick it off – we want to ask our readers what is the best ‘presidential‘ car.  Clearly, anything with the name Lincoln or Ford in it qualifies, but what about noted two-time (non consecutive) president Grover Cleveland and the Cleveland Motor Car Company or any number of Ford product powered by the Cleveland small block V8.


To participate in our survey, send us an email with a car named after your favorite president or hit us up in the comments below.

Another option is to send us tips for the best Studebaker President Coupes for sale on ebay…such as this 1955 example located in Homosassa, FL, currently bidding for $8,865 with a few hours to go.

Your thoughts?  Special bonus for cars owned by ex-Presidents… Put a comment below or send us an email: tips@dailyturismo.com

photo credits: wikimedia commons