DT Radio Show: Questions For Stunt Driver Sarah

We will record another episode of the DT Radio Show this Friday (around 6pm PST) and Sarah Fairfield will join hosts CFlo & Vince (plus producer Ben) in the studio.  Sarah is a professional stunt driver, 24 Hrs of LeMons (Eyesore Racing) winner, and all around badass — submit your questions in the comments below, or send us an e-mail to DTRadio@dailyturismo.com

You can submit simple text based questions (to Vince, CFlo, or Sarah) in the comments below, but if you are feeling adventurous, record a question with your phone and e-mail us the audio/video recording, or post it on youtube and send us the link.  The worst that can happen is we answer the question.

Want to be featured in or sponsor the Daily Turismo Radio Show?  E-mail producer Ben here: DTRadio@dailyturismo.com