DT Radio Show Live On TalkRadioOne Tonight 7PM PST

In our never ending quest to dominate the world’s airwaves, the Daily Turismo Radio Show is now broadcasting pirate AM is now on Talk Radio One.  We will be streaming our shows live on TalkRadioOne.com 7PM-8PM PST Friday nights.  For the first time ever, you will be able to listen live, get irate about something we said, and then call in to berate us for that thing we said about your favorite car. It’s gonna be great and tonight we’ve got Dan, a race engineer from a major stockish car series, joining us in the studio.

For this first show, if you’d like to call in, please send a note to producer Ben at DTRadio@dailyturismo.com and he will coordinate the how/what/when of any callers — expect future shows to be slightly more interactive as we get a proper dedicated call in number.  You can also email your questions to producer Ben or drop them in the comments below.