DT Private Reserve: Swedish Jackpot: 1966 Volvo Pee1800

Welcome to the new and improved Daily Turismo Private Reserve, where
our motto is: “Buy nigh, sell slow, and keep your reserves private.”  Up next is a favorite of the staffers at the Daily Turismo, a Volvo Pee1800 — lets see how the seller answers our questionnaire.

Please describe the above photograph:  Understeer?

How did you acquire the most awesomest of Volvos?   Uhh…I bought it?  You guys serious about this questionnaire?  I don’t think awesomest is a word.

Where would you rank the launch of Volvo’s 1800 in terms of historical significance to the following events — eruption of Mt Vesuvius, Council of Trent, 1996 Kiss reunion tour, your mother’s birth:  I’m not sure where to even begin with this questions, I just wanted to sell my Volvo and maybe buy an Alfa GTV.

How much do you want for your 1800?  Do you accept bitcoins?  I don’t even know what a bitcoin is, but I am looking for $10,000 obo for my 1800.  Nonesense, we won’t let you sell it for anything less than $50,000.  Wha…transmission ended.

Creative commons image credits: cipes and riveranotario on flickr. 

Disclaimer: this is a fake ad created for April fool’s day..if you
seriously want to buy this car please go stand outside on your sidewalk
wearing a rose in your lapel and singing the theme song from Cheers; I
will be around shortly to give you a test drive.